Kieve-Wavus Survey Results and Organization Update

As many of you know, a few months back we conducted a survey to solicit your thoughts and suggestions about how to better serve the kids and adults we see each year.  The response we received was overwhelmingly supportive of our programs, staff, and adherence to the vision of Donald Kennedy which was forged over 92 years ago.  Nearly 75% of the respondents indicated that Kieve-Wavus has had a significant positive impact on their lives. 

They spoke warmly and enthusiastically of our ability to inspire personal growth, cultivate the development of leadership skills, and promote healing while fostering an appreciation for the natural world.  They also praised our extraordinary ability to adapt and respond to the needs of kids and adults while preserving the area’s natural habitats.  As we look toward the next century with optimism and hope, our focus remains on delivering our transformational programs and protecting the environment, including its centerpiece, Damariscotta Lake. 

We invite you to enjoy the presentation to learn more about the survey results and the extraordinary programs that we provide year round to constituents of all ages. 

Henry R. Kennedy

Executive Director, Kieve-Wavus Education


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3 Responses to Kieve-Wavus Survey Results and Organization Update

  1. Tom Deupree says:

    very nice job, Henry. Great photography. I hadn’t realized the breadth of your programs, or the size of your budget.

  2. bridget baratta says:

    No surprise at all that this report is filled with numerous stories of the strength and love that come from spending time at this beautiful place which is led and supported by such great human beings. Thank you for all you do so well!

  3. Daphne Townsend says:

    Whip Buck and Charlie Townsend were two strong supporters for Kieve-Wavus . I’d like to add my thanks and appreciation to all those counselors and friends who continue to make this very special camping experience available to the youth of today.
    I’m sure they in turn, will continue to promote this exceptional camps. My congratulations to the Kennedy Family for all they have accomplished over the years to make this possible!

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