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Junior Kieve – Introductory Session

Designed for boys currently in 2nd to 4th grade who may not feel they are ready for a full 26 day session, the 10-day Junior Kieve program offers an introduction to Kieve’s many activities, including an overnight adventure.

2019 Junior Kieve Session Dates

How many days until camp?
First Session 2019: (2nd to 4th graders only) June 27 – July 6 126 days!
Second Session 2019: (2nd to 4th graders only) July 25 – August 3 154 days!

See the "Admissions" page for an online application.

Junior Kieve boys arrive at camp on the second Thursday of each session and depart the Saturday 10 days later. While on-site they are housed together and are continually supervised by staff selected for their sensitivity to the needs of youngsters of this age.

Junior Kieve campers enjoy daily in-camp activities from the waterfront to archery and ropes adventure course to basketball – lots of in camp fun! JK campers also enjoy trips to our Bremen oceanfront property for an overnight stay and for a fishing trip on Snow Goose III. There is also a good chance they will visit Round Top Ice Cream in Damariscotta as well. Feel free to contact us at our email if you would like additional details about this wonderful program.

Learn more about the Junior Kieve Parent Weekend

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Returning JK Campers: If your son was a JK Camper last year and he doesn’t feel ready to come to the 26-day session or your family’s schedule can’t fit in the longer time, please know he can join us for another summer in JK as long as he is currently in 2nd to 4th grade. We would love to have him back with us and will be sure his experience is unique from his 1st year at Kieve!

The dates for Junior Kieve 2018 are 1st Session June 28 - July 7 and 2nd Session July 26 - August 4.