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As our organization grows, so too has our list of alumni. In order to better inform and involve alums after they leave the KW Damariscotta Lake bubble, the Advisory Board has evolved into the Alumni Council.

The Council leaders are Sam Kennedy, Emma Murphy, Andy Roberts, Henry Chance and Frank Strasburger.

Henry & BJ Kennedy, Kristie Truluck, and others from KW now travel around to various cities to meet with alums. These periodic events are fun and are also an excellent way for alums to network and to give back to an institution that has meant so much to them.  Once you come to an event we ask whether you’d like to join the Alumni Council.  So far this year we’ve held events in New York and Boston.


Our next scheduled event is December 11, 2016 in Miami for a Dolphins game, hosted by Lynley Ciorobea and Chris Block.

Ideas? Contact Us

If you have ideas for events in other cities (there are rumblings of a Denver ski outing this winter…) or are interested in learning more, please contact Joy Bengtson Giffen at