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The Adventure Courses and Indoor Climbing wall at Kieve-Wavus are noted as some of the best challenge courses in the country. Rest assured your organization will engage in the very best high and low ropes course team-building and individual learning experience available today. Our facilities are supervised by certified professionals whose number one goal is safety.

As an organization looking for an “out-of-the-box” teambuilding and bonding experience, you will grow together and bond in ways that simply don’t happen in the day to day environment. Our experience is that when taking adults out of their “normal” environment as well as their own comfort zone, it enables powerful teambuilding, life-long learning opportunities and it actually enhances productivity and workplace efficiencies. (not to mention everyone gets along much better and has a greater appreciation for their friends and co-workers)

Challenge by choice means: “It’s not whether or not you choose to be challenged but rather what kind of challenge you choose to take on”.

We welcome any questions you have about our indoor and outdoor facilities or any of the climbing initiatives that we incorporate in our programs. Our Program Director is a Nationally Certified Challenge Course & Adventure Program Manager and a certified AMGA (American Mountain Guides Association) Rock Climbing Instructor”.

Check out our outstanding facilities for corporate and organization teambuilding opportunities.

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