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Thank Yous

Kieve-Wavus Directors, Staff and Board of Trustees would like to wholeheartedly thank all the volunteers who so generously donated their time over the years to make our annual 9/11 Family Camp such a success. It is friends and family like you that have helped Kieve grow and change – yet still retain much of its original character and spirit. Four generations of young people now share fond memories of this place at the end of the West Neck Road. The important lessons they learned about friendship, joy, acceptance, responsibility – and loyalty, courage and perseverance – are Kieve’s real gift.

Many of you will be returning to help us again next year – thank you in advance for your valuable time and contributions that allow us to host such a special event.

We would like to call out and thank many of the corporate & individual friends of Kieve who helped support financially and contribute their time toward our efforts this past summer:

Artsake Framing & Alan Baldwin 
Chris Pinchbeck Photography
Bill &Ann Mallory 
Yellewfront Grocery 
Bruce Marshall - Musician 
Gary Stone
"Mister Fish" Ron Gerard 
Shipyard Brewing Company