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Parent's Weekend (Junior Kieve)

We encourage parents to visit during Parent’s Weekend at the end of each session. This is a time to reunite with your son and meet the other campers and counselors who have been his community for the past month.

We show pictures of the session, open many activities including the waterfront and ropes course, give awards to each boy, and feed hundreds of hungry families who have been on the road to reach Kieve. It is a perfect time for parents and siblings to enjoy the natural beauty and restfulness of a Maine summer at Kieve.

Please view Directions to Camp for detailed directions. (Don't go on the Upper Cross Road even if your GPS says you should)

Please note: If you are arriving on Friday afternoon/evening, you may want to consider avoiding the likely traffic bottleneck on Rt 1 in Wiscasset and take an alternate route. CALL 511 ON YOUR CELL PHONE TO HEAR IF THERE ARE ROAD DELAYS THROUGH WISCASSET ON RTE. 1. A reasonable alternative is to take Rt 126 from Gardiner (just south of Augusta) to Rt 213 (near Wavus) and drive around the base of Damariscotta Lake on Rt 215. More details are available on the directions page.

The JK Parent Weekend for Saturday, July 7th / August 4th is below:

Please download the Parent Day Schedule - You will need the free Acrobat Reader to view this form.

It is the Board’s policy to prohibit counselor tipping. Thank you!

We can send luggage home if you would like. We’ll mail you any lost and found stuff that turns up. If your son thinks he forgot/lost something at camp, please use our lost/found form.

Want some ideas of what to do while in Maine? Check this site: Visit Maine

You might also check this site for a non-traditional (and comfortable) wilderness experience: Maine Huts & Trails

Please go online for next year's application form. We hope he returns next year!

Where to stay

Lodging List

A limited number of rooms are available at our beautiful Kennedy Learning Center and on campus for families – please email Rebecca for availability.

We've also compiled a helpful Lodging List for places to stay in the area.

We have also provided this Lodging List in PDF format. Lodging List