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KW Leadership Summer (CIT)

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1st Session June 19th - July 14th

2nd Session July 17th - Aug 11th

The leadership of the counselors at Kieve-Wavus continues to form the foundation of both camps by contributing to the positive experience of over 1,000 campers each summer. As both camps continue to grow, it remains clear that many of the young men and women who experience Kieve and Wavus as campers are eager to return as counselors.

The Kieve-Wavus Counselor Training Program is intended to be a selective program that will provide opportunities for rising seniors in high school to become the inspirational models that helped shape their own experiences as former campers.

After completing a thorough application process, the counselors in training selected will experience the many responsibilities of Kieve-Wavus staff and will be fully prepared to assume roles as full time counselors after their graduation of high school.

Orientation, Community Service, a specially tailored Wilderness Trip incorporating all key facets of Kieve-Wavus tripping, and working as staff in the Junior Kieve-Wavus programs will allow these counselors in training to challenge themselves while honing the leadership skills essential to fulfilling the Kieve-Wavus mission statement of becoming the inspirational role models that are the foundation for Kieve-Wavus’s success.

The skills learned in the Counselor Training Program will empower them to promote the Kieve-Wavus values of treating others with kindness and respect and becoming responsible environmental stewards.