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Wilderness Tripping for Wavus Girls

Camping trips are an important part of each camper's Wavus experience.  From the youngest to the oldest, every camper has the opportunity to explore, discover, and better understand the varied surroundings she encounters.

As a camper grows older and more able, her trips become more extensive and demanding.  The youngest girls travel to Hidden Valley Nature Centre for a day of short walks and nature exploration with a night of camping in tents or a Yurt.  The older girls may be gone from camp for 11 to 15 days of hiking, or canoeing in the most remote and beautiful areas of Maine.

Still, the aims of every camping trip are similar. In addition to learning a reverence for the wonders of nature, each girl is encouraged to learn how to take care of herself and her equipment, to set and attain goals, and to learn how to become the kind of person to whom others can turn for support. The trip is a group enterprise, the success of which depends upon the good will and cooperation of each member.

Wavus trips are designed so that the least-experienced girl does not feel unduly pushed, yet each camper can be proud of what she has accomplished.  None of our trips requires previous experience. Girls receive basic training before leaving camp.  Then, as the trip progresses, each girl grows more and more skilled.  Most trip groups include both veteran campers and girls new to the experience.

Safety is paramount on all Wavus trips. The equipment provided by Wavus is designed for both comfort and safety.  Counselors are chosen for their knowledge and experience, their level headedness, and their patience and kindness.  Trip leaders are certified in Wilderness First Aid.

Here is our trip schedule:

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Age Cabin Destination Nights Type of Trip Description
and Maps
8-10 Junior Wavus Hog Island 1 Ocean
8-9 Algonquin Camden Hills 2 Hiking
Hog Island / Bremen 1 Ocean
9-10 Mohawk Mt. Blue 1 Hiking
Damariscotta Lake 2 Canoeing
9-10 Cheyenne Mt. Blue 2 Hiking
Damariscotta Lake 2 Canoeing
10-11 Cayuga, Cherokee and Narragansett Hog Island 1 Ocean
White Mountains 4 Hiking
11-12 Omaha, Osage and Ojibway Camden Hills 2 Hiking
St Croix River 5 Canoeing
12-14 Abenaki Damariscotta Lake 1 Canoeing
Moosehead Lake Region 5 Hiking
12-14 Penobscot        
Bigelow Mtn. & Moose River 9 Hiking/Canoeing
13-14 Allagash Allagash Wilderness Waterway 12 Canoeing
14-15 Long Voyage The Long Voyage 17 Canoeing
15-16 Maine Trails

Appalachian Trail

21 Backpacking

At Wavus, we practice and teach our campers the Leave No Trace Principles of outdoor ethics.