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K-W Goes Green

To support the multitude of Kieve-Wavus’ successful programs and to ensure that our facility is both in line with our mission and able to provide the needed structures for programming, We are renewing both campuses with a masterplan of  “green construction.”

As many thousands of people look to Kieve and Wavus for education every year, we take our responsibility to instruct seriously. Thus our buildings demonstrate the critical importance of sustaining the quality of our environment at an approximate cost of $900,000.

The following is a short list of Green Initiatives at Kieve-Wavus:

- Cabin Layout - the cabins minimize site disturbances by joining two bunkhouses together, with bathrooms between, rather than having two separate buildings.

- Ventilation - natural ventilation flows by providing large windows for cross ventilation and that draws cool air in through the lower windows and hot air out the upper windows.

- Windows - maximized daylighting thru strategically placed large windows which reduces the need to use electrical lighting. We used double glazed, low-E wood windows to minimize heat loss.

- Structure-Roof/Walls - the roof trusses in each cabin use small dimension lumber, i.e. 2x4’s and 2x6’s instead of larger 2x12 rafters, allowing for the utilization of fast-growing small trees.

- Porch structure - locally milled Hemlock from Bangor and Jefferson, green non kiln-dried was used - saving on transportation costs and the energy that would have been used to dry the lumber.

- Exterior Siding - locally grown eastern white cedar shingles were used for both aesthetic beauty and to diminish future maintenance needs.

- Shell/Thermal Barrier - “blown in batts” fiberglass insulation allows for a highly consistent thermal barrier for R21 walls and R50-60 in the ceiling.

-  Lighting - all cabins utilize compact fluorescent bulb technology and light tubes are installed when possible.

- Interior finishes - non-toxic indoor finishes and materials maximize indoor air quality and comfort.

- Mechanical Systems - boilers are high performance and state of the art. Walker & Memorial cabins share a common boiler and air to air heat exchangers ensure a continuous supply of fresh air for the best indoor air quality. Bathrooms have low flow and waterless bath fixtures.

- Solar Panels - solar panels on Walker & Memorial cabins provide a pre-heat system for domestic hot water to reduce the need for fossil fuels.

- Check the Wavus Solar link to the left for more info and specific energy production and savings