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Kieve-Wavus Education has a long history and commitment to working with youth across the state of Maine through our Leadership School program.  Each year nearly 7,000 students, representing over 100 schools across Maine visit the Kieve Campus for a 3-5 day residential experience.  While onsite, students are immersed in a character building curriculum that emphasizes healthy decision making and relationship building, teambuilding, outdoor adventure and environmental stewardship.  We have seen and experienced the incredible impact of this program for years.  We have also recognized the deep impact of our summer camp program and the benefit of working with young people over a long time horizon; many of our summer campers return to us each summer from the ages of 8-16, allowing for deep, sustained relationships that prove transformative in their lives.

The Kieve-Wavus Leads program is an opportunity to bring together the best of the Leadership School and our summer camp program, for the benefit of kids in our local community.

Kieve-Wavus Leads is a 6-year, expeditionary youth program model nested within a comprehensive youth mentoring program. The guiding program philosophy is rooted in inspiring personal growth for young people through the power of relationships with peer and adult mentors.  Each year will be structured around a series of planning meetings, a core program experience and peripheral programming that emerges based on individual and cohort needs.



Kieve-Wavus Leads is inspired by Trekkers, Inc. and their 10 Youth Programming Principles and is part of the Emanuel and Pauline A. Lerner Foundation’s Aspirations Incubator Program, an initiative focused on the creating long term,  mentoring-based youth development models in eight rural communities and small cities across Maine.