KieveWavus Name

Kieve-Wavus Leads

Kieve-Wavus Leads focuses on 4 core areas in the devleopment of our programming.

Adventure Based Learning

Participants will learn through hands on experiences in the outdoors while developing strong relationships with peers and adult mentors.  Adventure based learning engages participants in games, trust building activities, problem solving initiatives and outdoor adventure.


Service Learning

KWL groups will identify issues that they care about and will participate in service learning projects that allow them to learn and take action within and beyond the borders of their communities.


Expanding Worldviews

Travel based expeditions will introduce participants to people and communities that are different from their own with a goal of expanding a participant's understanding of themselves and the world around them.


Environmental Stewardship

A hands on approach to environmental stewardship will provide opportunities for participants to explore and interact with a variety of ecosystems while empowering them to be leaders in addressing environmental concerns.