KieveWavus Name

Kieve-Wavus Leads

Who is eligible to participate?

The Kieve-Wavus Leads (KWL) application process is open to any 7th grade student living within the AOS 93 service area, including the towns of Bremen, South Bristol, Bristol, Damariscotta, Newcastle, Nobleboro, Jefferson and Alna.


How do I apply?

Information regarding the KWL application process will be shared through school presentations as well as a mailing in mid-November.  There will be an information session in late November for all interested students and their families.


How many students will be accepted?

The KWL pilot program will accept up to 18 7th grade students for 2017-18 and will enroll a new class of 7th grade students each year


How are students selected?

Students will be selected through a lottery based system.  Each school, serving students within the AOS 93 service area, will be guaranteed a number of slots relative to their school population. 


Do I have to commit for all 6 years?

KWL is committed to the philosophy of “once a leader, always a leader.”  Once you are enrolled in the program, you are guaranteed a spot for 6 years, unless you formally opt out.  


How often will we meet?

KWL groups will meet 1-2 times a month for planning meetings, which will focus on teambuilding with the group and planning for their core expedition.  Peripheral programming (weekend camping trips, service learning projects, etc.) will be scheduled throughout the year.  KWL staff will dedicate time to connecting one to one with students as a way to deepen the mentoring relationship.


How will mentors be incorporated into the program?

Each core expedition will be led by a leadership team comprised of a KWL staff leader, 2-3 community adult mentors and 2-3 peer mentors.  Adult mentors will be selected and screened by Kieve-Wavus Education before being accepted into the program.  Peer mentors will be junior or senior students from Lincoln Academy who have participated in KWL leadership training.