KieveWavus Name

Kieve-Wavus Leads

Kieve-Wavus Leads is a 6-year, expeditionary program model, working with students from7th-12th grade. Each year  includes a series of planning meetings, culminating in a core expedition.


Leads Intro begins in the spring of the 7th grade year and focuses on building the cohort as a team while increasing interpersonal relationships between participants representing 7 schools.  Participants will be introduced to key program elements including personal reflection, informal relationship building and expeditionary travel.  The core program will include a 5-day core expedition in late August.



Leads Maine will continue to build the cohort as a team while introducing new program elements such as the consensus decision making process.  The core expedition will be a travel based experience exploring Maine history and industry. 


9th GRADE 

Leads Flow will focus on supporting students in the transition from 8th-9th grade using water as a metaphor.  Students will engage in a collaborative boat building project, with the  year culminating in a core river trip expedition.


10th GRADE

Leads Voyage will focus on expanding worldviews by engaging participants with individuals, communities and experiences that provide opportunties for developing self-awareness and a greater understanding of the world beyond the Maine borders.  The core expedition will take students on a travel-based experience beyond Maine.


11th GRADE

Leads Aspires will focus on exploring post-secondary options and building life skills.  Support for job applications, interviews, resume writing,  and college applications, will be offered through life skills workshops.  The core program will explore  post-secondary training and educational opportunities. Specific locations will be determined by the cohort.


12th GRADE

Leads Beyond will focus on giving back to the local community while preparing students for life after high school.  The cohort will identify a capstone project that they will design and implement over the course of their final year.   The year will culminate with a final retreat as the core program.