KieveWavus Name

Kieve-Wavus Leads

We are strengths-based  

KWL takes a strengths-based approach to working with youth.  Our goal is to foster  the skills and character traits needed so that youth can develop resilience and the ability to thrive while experiencing the uncertain terrain of adolesence.   Our approach is to identify a student's strengths and to utilize these strenghts as a way to support overall social and emotional well-being. 

We believe in a long term approach

We believe that working with small groups of students over a long time horizon yields deep and lasting impacts.  Our program begins working with students in 7th grade and follows them through to high school graduation.

We value relationships over program

We operate from the belief that relationships changes lives, not programs.  Our approach to working with participants relies heavily on relationship building and connecting with young people in meaningful ways by meeting them where they're at.  Each student cohort is assigned to a Program Manager as their primary mentor, while also integrating peer and adult mentors into all aspects of the Kieve-Wavus Leads program.

We believe in student voice and choice

We believe that student's voices matter and that students need to play a key role in developing a program that meets their needs.  Students support the design of the KWL experience by using a group consensus decision making model to inform group decisions related to program policies and expeditions.