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For Students

Come prepared to have fun, engage, try new things and meet new people. The Leadership School is a school program and all school rules apply but the number one rule here is:

Everyone and Everything has the right to be treated with Kindness and Respect.

The following questions provide answers to some frequently asked questions to help ease your mind about embarking on this learning adventure and to help you prepare to make it a great program!


What do I bring?

Unlike a traditional classroom, while at the Leadership School, we spend a lot of time outside. Plan for the season and use the following as a guide.

  • Pillow and sleeping bag (or 3 blankets and 2 sheets)
  • Clothing appropriate for the season and the length of your stay.
  • Closed toed shoes: You will be on the ropes course, and there are woodchips.
  • Rain gear: Unless there is thunder and lightning, we DO go outside.
  • Cold weather gear: Gloves, hats, scarves, coats, winter boots, etc.
  • Socks, socks, socks: If you get wet or cold, you are going to want warm feet.
  • Personal items. Tooth paste, toothbrush, soap, shampoo, towel, chap stick, sunscreen, bug repellant, etc.
  • Miscellaneous Gear: water bottle, flashlight, cameras (but not in the classroom)
  • Medications: Must be in the original bottle, with the label indicating name and dose. All medications will be delivered from school staff to Kieve’s Health Care Manager upon arrival and will be divided into cabins for cabin educators to distribute according to your instructions. She will also be on duty throughout the week.

Things occasionally get lost and left behind. While we make every effort to return lost and found items, it isn’t always possible, so please leave your favorites at home!


What is a typical day like?

 Be prepared to wake up early and go to bed exhausted.  You will be moving all day, having a lot of fun and experiencing many new things.  So, while bed time may seem early to you now, we can guarantee you will be exhausted at lights out.

7:00 -  Wake Up 
8:00 -  Breakfast 
9:00-Noon: Classes. Don’t worry, there's a snack in the middle of the morning! 
12:00-12:30 -  Lunch
12:30-3:00 -  Classes
3:00 -  Snack #2
3:20 -  Choice time.  (See below for sample choice time activities)
5:15 -  Dinner
6:30 -  Evening program
8:00 - Snack #3
9:00 - Lights out (6th graders) 9:15(7th graders) 9:30 (older students)

Your school will divide you into cabin groups before you even arrive at The Leadership School. Boys live with boys, girls with girls. Usually there are about 16 students in a cabin. You will have a Leadership School Educator (or two) in your cabin.  Educators are young adults, and a lot of fun! It’s sort of like living with a big brother or sister, except without the fighting!

Your cabin staff member will help you to feel comfortable and offer support if you need it. Be prepared to tell stories, play games, read books, and participate in other unique cabin activities before lights out.


What are the cabins like?

Each of the cabins have their own character and they will keep you warm and dry. All the cabins have 2 toilets, 2 sinks, and 2 showers, electrical outlets, heat, and up to 16 bunk beds… and some have a lakefront view.

Remember that after you leave us, The Leadership School cabins still serve as homes to many of our staff.  We ask that you treat them accordingly.

Take a look around 


What kind of food do we eat? What if I have an allergy?

There are a lot of  food choices at The Leadership School.

In the morning you will sit at a table with your cabin-mates and have a family style meal. Breakfast choices include cereal, fresh fruit, yogurt, milk, orange juice and a hot entrée like waffles or eggs and bacon. 

Lunches are served buffet style.  You will line up and make selections from the lunch line where you will find a variety of hot foods (turkey with stuffing, chicken fajitas, hot dogs, etc).  There is also a sandwich bar where you can make your own sandwich, as well as a salad bar.  You can have as many helpings as you want, we just ask that you try to eat what you take.  At lunchtime you can sit with whoever you please -- catching up with old friends or getting to know new friends and TLS Educators better and catch up from the morning. 

Like breakfast, dinner is served family style and you will sit with your TLS Cabin Educator and cabin mates. For dinner you can expect things like burgers, spaghetti, and chicken. There is always a vegetarian option, as well as a salad bar.

If you have allergies to certain foods, make sure to tell us ahead of time. We will plan meals that make sure you don't have any problems while you are with us and that there is plenty of food that you can eat available. When you arrive we will remind you to check in with the kitchen staff before each meal to make sure you can eat what is being served, or to pick up your alternative (like a veggie burger on burger night, or a gluten free bagel on bagel day).


What are Choice Times and Evening Program?

Each day, you'll have two block of choice time, where you can pick which activity you'd like to participate in. After snack, educators will present around eight activies for you to pick from, and when that activity block is over they'll present options for the second block. Possible options include: board games, recess, friendship bracelets, crafts, legos, nature walk, tie dye, pet rocks, collage, soccer, four square, basketball, frolf, outdoor climbing, indoor climbing, gaga ball, and many others.

Evening program is a chance for the whole student body to come together and be part of large activity. Most activities push themes learned in the day, such as an Egg Drop teaching Team Building, while under the guise of being lots of fun. As with Choice Times, the programming is highly varied. You could solve a crime during Murder Mystery, put on a performance for Air Guitar, or build a ship with limited materials that will later be tested in water for Shipwrecked. Most EPs are either building based like Shelters or performance based like Dutch Auction.


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