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Where in the World Photo Gallery

Tim King in the Dominican Republic 01/04

Janet Marticke at Grand Cayman Island '04

Jeff Batt at Mykonos, Greece '04

Reed Wommack in Bali

The Kieve Nalgene on the move

Kieve at the London Bridge

Kieve at Buckingham Palace

At the Vatican

Madeleine & Charles Cross show their Kieve & Wavus pride in the harbor at Georgetown Great Exuma, Bahamas, December 2006

Madeleine Cross & her Dad Daniel on the beach of Stockling Island, Bahamas


Madeleine & Charles Cross atop "The Big Mountain", Whitefish, Montana, looking east towards the Continental Divide at Glacier National Park.

Charles & Suzanne Cross in the Grand Canyon.


Charles Cross at Mt. Agazziz Arizona

Charles Cross in Sedona AZ

Hannah, Daren & Justyna Hudson near the Pearl River, Guangzhou, China '07

Audrey Bransfield in Paris


Phillip Field at the Franz Joseph Glacier in New Zealand

Phillip sporting his Kieve shirt in a pretty cool place!

Logan & Merrill Truluck hiking in North Carolina

With Kirstie & cousins.....

Max Ziplining in Costa Rica