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Because all of our programs are custom designed, costs vary greatly depending on our client's needs. Please email or call Diane Impallomeni for specific program design & cost info.

Why stay with us?

Sometimes the hustle and bustle of a busy office or the incessant demands of everyday life make it very difficult for a group of people to sit back and really focus on their organization’s mission, strategies, management style, and the way each individual fits into the process.

A stay at the KENNEDY LEARNING CENTER offers organizations the opportunity to do exactly this in comfortable and private surroundings where the demands of cooking and housekeeping are taken care of for you and the group can concentrate on the job before it, insulated from external distractions.

Our staff works closely with each group to create an environment conducive to meeting each client’s specific goals. Menus, meal hours, recreational activities, room arrangements all can be modified to help achieve the optimum results.

The beauty of the facility and its location on the shores of Damariscotta Lake go far towards producing an atmosphere of peace and cooperation that encourages positive group dynamics. So whatever your group’s requirements, please get in touch with us and together let’s explore how the Kennedy Learning Center might work for you.