KieveWavus Name

Facilitated Programs

Kieve-Wavus offers the powerful combination of a top-notch staff and the Kennedy Learning Center’s facilities to provide customized facilitated programs to its clients. Email us to learn more about our programs and services.

Our Approach
We believe that a program is only as successful as the impact it has on your group. Our goal is to design and facilitate programs that have a positive, definitive impact on your team. We work to achieve that goal by involving you in the planning process and using state-of-the-art experiential learning methodologies.

Our Staff
What truly makes our programs outstanding is our staff. Kieve’s facilitators are well versed in experiential learning and have worked with all types of groups. Our expert team will ask questions, listen to your input, and tailor a program to meet your needs. Some areas of our expertise include:

Teamwork & Teambuilding

What differentiates an average team from a high performing team? Work with us and you will see the difference. We can help you jump-start effective teamwork, identify and improve problem areas, or rejuvenate enthusiasm and collaboration.

Communication Skills Communication is the glue that holds any team or organization together. We have a robust portfolio of activities to help you develop the skills required for building open and effective channels of communication.
High & Low Ropes Course Elements Our ropes course elements are great tools to learn more about teamwork, communication, trust, healthy risk taking, or to just have fun. The Kieve staff will help your group transfer the lessons from the experience back to your organization. Ask about how we can incorporate our ropes course into your visit.
General Group Facilitation

At times, it may help to have an unbiased, objective facilitator leading your discussion. Let us facilitate your next meeting at the Kennedy Learning Center, and we will help you accomplish your meeting objectives by keeping the conversation on track and allowing you to focus on the topic without the distraction of leading the discussion.

Recreation & Fun Sometimes the best way to build relationships or rejuvenate a group is to just have some fun. Kieve offers a beautiful setting for adventure, fun, and relaxation. We can work with you to create events and activities that will be enjoyed by all.
Customized Programs If you have specific training needs, call to discuss them with us. We can create customized programs to meet most clients’ needs.