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Paddle & Thistle Society

Whether young or young at heart, its never to soon to think about deferred gifts to the people, places and organizations that have strongly influenced us during our lives. The alumnae, family and friends listed below have made arrangements to leave a lasting gift to Kieve-Wavus. Deferred gifts, whether simple bequests, paid-up insurance policies, IRA's or trusts, ensure that Kieve-Wavus' mission will continue to be fulfilled beyond our lifetimes and for future genrations. These donors help make it possible for incredible life-changing experiences for youth and adults on the shores of Damariscotta Lake. (* denotes deceased)

Please let us know if you have included Kieve-Wavus in your estate plans and would like to be included below or if you would prefer to remain anonymous. You will receive a small token of appreciation from us upon joining The Paddle & Thistle Society.

David & Louise Abbot

Frances M. Abbott

Anonymous (2) 

Evan Atherton

Thomas Auchincloss      

Marjorie W. Berry

Bob & Sally Bishop

Stephen & Kathryn Brackett

Alexander K. Buck, Sr. *

Alexander K. Buck, Jr.

Robert & Suzanne Burrows

Francis J. Carey*

Clayton G. Chambliss

Duncan H. Cocroft

Jay W. Cooper

Charles A. Dana

Jon & Mary Davis

Woody & Robin Davis

Max & Becca Dinning

Chris Dougherty

Candace Dyal

Denny Emory

Candice C Falloon

Hill & Susan Ferguson

David & Carol Ann Fulmer

Laurence H. Gardner, II*

John W. Gassett &

Jacqueline E. Jones

Matthew Gault*

Joan Gedney*

Adam & Erin Haselkorn

Morrison H Heckscher

Daren T. Hudson

Al R. Ireton

Eric & Pam Jensen

William W. Jessup

Laura & Joel Kaplan

Ruth M. Keans *

Anne S. Kennedy

Betty J. Kennedy

Henry R. Kennedy

Richard C. Kennedy*



Jeremy & Diana LaCasse

Mary H. Lansing

Bain S. Lee *

Ernest C. Marriner*

J. Douglass & Hanne Maxwell

Matthew J. McKenna

Carl & Gail Meier

Marion C. Moller *

Walter F. Morris

Gardner M. Mundy

Caroline C. Newcomb

Elizabeth W. Parker

Oliver & Barbara Parker

John & Meg Peacock

Devereaux & Deborah Phelps

Robert G. Preston

Charles J Richardson

Ency S. Richardson

Hugh C. Riddleberger &

Louise W. McIlhenny

Mark & Eleanor Robinson

Cliff & Susan Russell

Frank Saunders*

Sheila G. Shorr

Carol H. Stout *

Muffy D. Stuart

Douglas O. Tawse

Robert O. Tawse

R. Dixon Thayer

Stephen D. Thomas & Evy Blum

Charles C. Townsend *

Thomas P. Townsend *

Robert M. Trippe

Stuart K. Van Durand

David M. & Kathryn L. Villano

William M. Walker

Charles W. Whinery

Betty B. Willey

Russell W. Williams

Frederick L. Wood

+ denotes deceased

As of 10/17