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Planned Giving

There are many opportunities for planned giving with Kieve-Wavus.

Some gifts cost you nothing today; others provide you with income for life. All make a difference. Opportunities include:

  • Cash (the simplest way to support)
  • Appreciated Securities (see below)
  • Bequest (designate a portion of your will or trust)
  • Life Insurance (name K-W a beneficiary)
  • IRA & 401(k) Distributions (name K-W as a full or partial beneficiary)
  • Real Estate (donate property - Click to see our Gift Acceptance Policy
  • Tangible Personal Property (give boats, equipment, or possibly antiques or collectibles)

Appreciated Stock Donations - If you have stock that was purchased years ago and has appreciated significantly in value, donating the stock to Kieve-Wavus is a great way to help us out and for you to avoid capital gains. Click here to download the stock transfer instructions


Charitable Gift Options might include:

Charitable Gift Annuity that pays you a fixed income for life.

Charitable Trusts - there are a number of options that could provide benefits to you, your family and K-W. See your financial advisor or touch base with our Development Dept.


The Paddle & Thistle Society, a lasting legacy at KieveWavus.

A well-planned charitable gift has many benefits:

Your Choice…

You choose how your gift is to be used:

Your Benefits could include…

And finally…making a difference to secure Kieve-Wavus' future!

  • Promoting educational excellence and the opportunity to make a real difference for kids.
  • Supporting KieveWavus’ mission of making a difference.
  • Giving in one of the most personal, enduring ways you can.
  • Helping to ensure a bright future for students of one of our nation's oldest coeducational institutions of learning.
  • A planned gift can also protect your assets, often increase your income, and significantly reduce your current and future tax burden.
  • Donors are eligible for membership in K-W’s Paddle & Thistle Society.
  • Give to the Annual Fund.
  • Provide a scholarship at Kieve, Wavus or our Leadership School.
  • Increased income for you and your family.
  • Capital gains tax avoidance on gifts of long-term capital gains assets.
  • Immediate income tax savings.
  • Reduction of high federal estate taxes.
  • The ability to defer income until needed.
  • Diversification and professional management.