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Why Support us

Decades of character building - Since its founding in 1922 for Wavus and 1926 for Kieve, these institutions have offered a unmatched programs for character building for kids from all around the world.

Access and diversity – Kieve-Wavus provides some level of financial assistance to all of its Leadership School students. We are proud of this tradition of offering an education to a diverse population – geographically, economically and socially. We also provide scholarship support for our summer campers through The Loyalty Fund (Kieve & Wavus) and the Shirley Westerman Fund (Wavus) for deserving young men and women.

Underwriting education for all - Tuition typically covers only 50 percent of the operating costs for Kieve’s Leadership School where we provide programs to nearly 8,000 students each year. The balance comes mainly from Annual Fund gifts and from camper tuition. Annually, we subsidize the Leadership School's budget by over $500,000 to help kids from Maine and beyond and approximately $250,000 for our summer camps.

Historic campuses - Kieve has a 90+ year history - and aging buildings are part of this legacy. Through the Forever Kieve Campaign, Campaign For Our Kids and the Next Generation Campaign, we continue to rebuild the campuses so we will be able to continue to serve the needs of thousands of kids from Maine and beyond for years to come.

Your generous tax-deductible gift can help Kieve-Wavus provide scholarships for kids in our Leadership School, Kieve Camp for Boys and Wavus Camp for Girls. We may also use your gift to help underwrite Kieve's 9/11 Family Camp for surviving families from the tragic events of 9/11 as well as most recently our Veterans' Camp for returning Iraq & Afghanistan as well as Vietnam veterans and their families.

Here are a few examples of how your gift can help:

  • A gift of $10,000 will provide a week-long Leadership School program for one 7th grade class.
  • A gift $6,300 could provide a wilderness trip or attend Wavus Camp for Girls for a young women.
  • A gift of $6,300 could help provide a scholarship for a boy to attend our Summer Camp for Boys.
  • A gift of $1,000 could provide a family from New York or Washington a week at our 9/11 Family Camp
  • A gift of $15,000 provides a week long camp for 20 Veteran's and their families.