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Kieve-Wavus Planned Giving Ideas and Opportunities

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Legacy Planning Ideas - What will your Legacy be?

Founded and developed by teachers, nurtured and supported by wonderful friends, our organization has grown and changed – yet still retains much of its original character and spirit. Four generations of young people now share fond memories of this place at the end of the West Neck Road. The important lessons they learned about friendship, joy, acceptance, responsibility – and loyalty, courage and perseverance – are Kieve’s and Wavus' real legacy.

Each year, nearly 10,000 boys, girls, men and women – from around the globe – are touched by the power and goodness of the Kieve experience. The legacy of Kieve and Wavus is increasingly far-reaching because of the generosity of the many friends who believe in our purpose "…to empower young people and the adults who affect them to contribute positively to society…" Your legacy is how you choose to be remembered. We urge you to consider Kieve’s impact upon you and your family, as you plan for the future. We can work with your estate planner to help you create a lasting legacy.
Here are a few Legacy "Planned Giving"ideas:
There are many opportunities for planned giving with Kieve-Wavus.
Some gifts cost you nothing today; others provide you with income for life. All make a difference. Opportunities include: