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Next Generation Capital Campaign

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We appreciate and thank all those who have given so generously to upgrade facilities on both campuses and help our programs that help us help others. Thanks to your support, The Next Generation has been a success!

For nearly a century parents have found a way to give their children the gift of a summer on Damariscotta Lake. For the past 35 years the same holds true for schools and kids in our Leadership School program who use the campus during the school year.

All Kieve and Wavus programs are fully enrolled, scores of incredible leaders help people find their way each and every day, much of the physical plant is brand new thanks to the generosity of our deeply committed supporters and staff, and our Board of Trustees and Advisors are charting a prudent and sustainable course for us. In short, both Kieve and Wavus are as solid as the bedrock upon which they are built.

As the growth rings that mark the passing of the years on a tree, we must continue to add form and substance to serve the generations to come. This is why we have launched the

Next Generation Capital Campaign.

Each year, because of your support, thousands of kids return to their homes and schools as changed people - stronger, more confident, full of new life experiences, and with new friends, appreciation and dreams. Help us share the Kieve-Wavus legacy of leadership with the next generation.